Monday, December 7, 2009

"Pinky and the Brain" Parodies the Beatles

I rather enjoy discovering and then posting slight oddities such as this. You have to wonder just what the people behind this popular kids' show from the 90s were thinking when they decided to do a parody of The Beatles. Sure, they were and still are cultural icons, but I have my doubts of their appeal and fame amongst the under-twelve crowd of the mid-90s. But I'm not complaining: no doubt their parents got a kick out of it and now it's on the Internet, for all to enjoy forever -- or until it's yanked for copyright infringement.

Now, as I toddle off to see Tania naked (and listen to a bunch of hairy guys prattle on), I have startling news: Tomorrow, a post on XKCD! That should be thrilling...

And yes, as you have undoubtedly already discovered, the boobs are a lie.

Confused? Just watch the video... I can't promise it has all the answers, but it will keep you busy with all its pretty colors and sounds.

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